The Benefits of Owning a Dog or Cat

In this blog I am going to talk about all the benefits of caring for a cat or dog, along with what I loved doing for pets and how much fun owning one can be. Every cat and/or dog comes with their own share of issues and challenges, or as some would say quirks, but if you have a strong bond with your animal nothing is impossible to fix. 

I always loved caring for cats and dogs. One of my favorite tasks about caring for animals was feeding time. I do as well enjoy food, but I always loved feeding animals. Weather it was at a dog daycare that I worked at or at home with my own cat. Feeding time for pets was always a highlight of the day for me. They always get so excited and that’s one thing that truly lets our animals know we love and care for them. It was sometimes rough feeding 15-20 boarding dogs each morning, but it was so rewarding. The wagging tails, and the smiles were always so cute. I’ve have noticed more and more that people use automatic feeders for their animals. I like the idea of the automatic feeder if you are out of town and/or have hired a pet sitting service. I personally wouldn’t use one because I love that aspect of owning an animal. 

Owning a cat or dog is a large responsibility, but I think caring for a pet helps us grow as human beings and teaches us disciple, along with helping you develop a schedule. You always have something to look forward to when coming home after a long day. It is a great blessing having a live animal who needs to be cared for and relies on you on a day-to-day basis. Having a dog can also help you get into a great exercise routine. I don’t think many people can say the same about cats, but I love playing with my cat. Weather its running around the house with them, while they chase that wand that they love, or simply rolling a ball for them to chase. Some cats are a lot more active than others, and it is so cute to watch them play with little toy mice around the house. 

When you own a cat or dog you need to make sure that they have the appropriate necessities. I personally use ceramic bowls and plates for animals because, “glass or ceramic bowls do not absorb external odors and are the best choice for feeding.” I found that my cat would rather drink the water I have in a coffee cup instead of drinking out of his metal bowl, which is why I no longer use metal. But, It is also a very heart warming and adorable site to see. Not sure why, but I have been led to believe that he thinks the water out of my coffee cup is fresher or maybe even tastes better.  

The pet owners out there who do not mind their pets on the furniture benefit from a furry cuddle buddy at night. I think most other owners who do not agree with pets on the furniture usually have their animal’s bed close to theirs. 

I personally have anxiety that can be a lot worse than I would like it to be sometimes and I always found that animals really calm me down a lot. I do understand a super high energy dogs can usually give you a little anxiety rather than taking it away, but you got to love them. I also find a sense of peace and relaxation when petting a dog or cat. They are just so cute and cuddly. I also recently started to feel like my cat is transforming me into the morning person I have always wanted to be. Right before my alarm goes off, I have my own kitty alarm that goes off first. He always gets really close to me and puts his little head in my hand for pets. It is just the cutest. So, I wake up a little before my alarm and give my lovely cat some well-deserved attention before starting my day. 

I think this helps me tremendously because instead of waiting for my alarm to go off, and then setting a few snoozes. I am up and ready to go earlier than ever. This also keeps me from having a ton of anxiety about running late for work and simply feeling like I don’t have a second to myself, since I waited till the last minute to get up and hit the road for work. Find yourself a nice pet, give it pets, and the rest will be history.