Dog Walking in South Loop

If you’ve been searching for a responsible, fun-loving dog walker or pet sitter in the 60605 zip code, your search is over. We have dog walking professionals waiting to meet your dog and begin a regimen of walks that will help keep your best friend happy and healthy.

Whether it’s on Congress, Polk, State, Taylor, Wells Street—or any street in your area of South Loop—your best friend is sure to have the time of their life with a dog walker who gains their trust and shows them a great time on each and every walk.

Adorable Jack Russell Terrier dog on green grass outdoors

Chicago’s South Loop is Majestic Paws Territory

Where would your dog like to walk? Grant Park or Roosevelt Park? How about Dearborn Park or Ping Tom Memorial Park? No matter where in our service area we walk dogs, one thing is for sure: those dogs are happy and safe with walkers they know and trust.

When you book dog walking services with Majestic Paws, your dog can expect the same walker every time. And not to worry if that walker falls ill—another walker will ensure that your dog gets their exercise that day.

Are you ready to schedule a meet-and-greet with your dog’s dedicated walker? Let’s go!

Your South-Loop Dog Walker is Waiting

When you click on Book Now, you will be taken to a scheduling platform where you can book a meet-and-greet with your pet’s dedicated walker.

That person will take your dog on a walk (or interact with your cat) and go over policies and procedures. That individual will be the same one who visits with your pet every time, so you’ll never have to worry about your best friend being nervous or scared.

We think it’s time your pet experienced the Majestic difference in South Loop. Don’t you?

husky sitting with paws out

Give Your Pet a Majestic Experience

Just because you can't be at home doesn't mean your pet can't feel loved and pampered with treatment fit for a prince or princess. Your dog's walker or cat's sitter will become one of your pet's most trusted friends—someone who can be counted on to arrive on time, ready to play and deliver the royal treatment. Doesn't your dog or cat deserve the best? Now is the time to schedule your pet's first majestic experience.

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