Dog Walking in Lake View

If you want a fun, attentive dog walker or pet sitter in the 60613 or 60657 zip code, look no further. Our dog walkers are regulars in the city’s North Side, and Lake View is no exception. From Diversity Parkway to Ravenswood Avenue and Irving Park Road, our walkers will show your best friend around town.

Whether it’s Sheridan Station Corridor, Southport Corridor, Northhalsted, or any other feature of the Lake View area, we’ll be sure to entertain your best friend and show them around the city you love.

A mixed breed adult dog laying down in front of a front door in a home while patiently waiting to go for a walk

Majestic Paws’ Dog Walkers Around Lake View

It’s not uncommon to see Majestic Paws dog walkers accompanying pups along Lake View’s scenic shorelines or entertaining them in the Central Lakeview, East Lakeview, Wrigleyville, or Boystown areas.

If you do spot them, you’ll notice that each walker only has one dog with them. That’s what we promise—and something that sets us apart from other dog-walking services. We only walk your dog—no dog-pack walks and no off-leash romps.

You see, we care about the safety of all the clients in our service area. And we care about their comfort, entertainment, and health, too. Book a meet-and-greet to start seeing the Majestic Paws difference today.

Book Your First Dog Walk in Chicago’s Lake View Neighborhood

When you book your very first appointment for dog walking or cat sitting, your pet will meet the person who will be caring for them. Yes, you read that right. The same person will walk your dog or feed and play with your cat every time. This increases your pet’s comfort level and allows us to monitor their behavior, mood, and health so we can report back to you.

Wondering how all of this works? Check out our policies and procedures, browse our frequently asked questions, and contact us if we can help.

We look forward to meeting you and your pet!

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Give Your Pet a Majestic Experience

Just because you can't be at home doesn't mean your pet can't feel loved and pampered with treatment fit for a prince or princess. Your dog's walker or cat's sitter will become one of your pet's most trusted friends—someone who can be counted on to arrive on time, ready to play and deliver the royal treatment. Doesn't your dog or cat deserve the best? Now is the time to schedule your pet's first majestic experience.

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