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If you want the absolute best care, exercise, and entertainment for your dog or cat, who will you turn to for recommendations? Other pet owners who love their pets, of course.

We have compiled a list of reviews, recommendations, and testimonials about our dog walking, cat sitting, and overnight services so you can be sure you’re making the best decisions for your best friend.

Reviews and Testimonials

Aggie LemoineAggie Lemoine
15:22 29 Apr 22
We have been using Majestic Paws for over three years now. They do a great job with our dog who is frequently able to talk them into chasing squirrels in the park. They have also been great about giving him food or meds when needed. Our dog walker Bill is easy to communicate with and our dog is always happy to see him. Most of the time the same person does the walk which makes it easy on our dog as he isn't great with strangers in the house.
Dena GhoneimDena Ghoneim
22:04 27 Apr 22
Great dog walking company! They are dedicated to making sure that my pups are taken care of.
Elyse DillonElyse Dillon
02:40 13 Apr 22
We've been using Majestic Paws for the last two years and couldn't imagine entrusting our dog with anyone else. Our pup Dante has a few "special needs" and every walker at MP goes above and beyond to make him comfortable and cared for. Every walk is accompanied by several pics of updates of how Dante is doing. They are reliable and trustworthy. We feel so lucky to have heard of Majestic Paws and you will not be disappointed!
Rodolfo OrtizRodolfo Ortiz
17:37 07 Apr 22
We’ve been using Majestic Paws for afternoon walks for about 2 months. They are extremely reliable, even when the weather is terrible. The owner, John, communicates really well and always makes sure a walker comes within the predefined time window when the regular assigned walked isn’t available. The app they use works well and I always get a message when the walker is arriving and leaving and a status report of how the walk went complete with pictures. Highly recommend.
Alexis SmolyarAlexis Smolyar
19:50 05 Apr 22
Majestic Paws is an amazing dog walking company. The owner, John, is helpful and always communicates updates, weather changes, etc. The app is great and shows if your dog was walked, fed, given water, played with, the route they took, and what they did on their walk. The walker also includes pictures of your dog on the walk. I've met my walker, Les, in person a couple of times and I could tell they really love dogs and their job. I did a lot of research before settling on Majestic Paws and they've met and exceeded my expectations.

“We have been using Majestic Paws for approximately a year now and are very happy with their services. Our dog walker, Ray, is reliable and timely. He sends us great pictures and narratives about his time with our dog. I can tell from the things he writes that he really knows our dog’s personality, quirks, and preferences. The management is also top-notch:  Owen and his team are organized, communicative, and more than fair. I would highly recommend Majestic Paws!”

Valerie Brummel on Facebook

“Reliable, warm, and loving. Total peace of mind when traveling. And the photos rock!” 

Wendy Sokoluk on Facebook

“Majestic Paws deserves a bazillion stars. It is that reliable. It is that dog friendly. Their dog walkers are simply stellar. Please, if you have any kind of pet, give them a call. You will not be disappointed and your pet will adore them. Trust me.” 

Nancy Lamkin on Facebook

“After having really bad experiences with two different dog walking companies (six-minute walks when paying for 30, not friendly to my dog, stealing beer from my fridge, all caught on camera), this was an aspect of my life adding a lot of unnecessary stress. I am extremely happy to have found Majestic Paws to not have to deal with that anymore.

I met with the manager who was responsible, articulate, and friendly when addressing my concerns. They have GPS, an app, and check-in check-out that ensures I am getting what I paid for. The billing is very straightforward. Their policies are flexible and accommodating. My walker, Julie, is easy to communicate with, on-time, and responsive when I have special requests.

I’m just hoping they cover my new neighborhood when I move.”

Evan A. on Yelp

“I have been with Majestic Paws for a year, and I honestly couldn’t be happier with the service provided. I always felt comfortable having the walkers access my home to walk my Louie. They always took such good care of my Louie and gave him hugs and kisses like he was one of their own. They took a bunch of pictures and uploaded them through the app (which is also easy and very user-friendly). Overall, I would 100% recommend this business to other dog owners in the city! They’re reliable, very communicative and proactive, and great walkers!!”

Vanessa P. on Yelp

“We have had two walkers with this service, and both were fantastic! You can tell Majestic Paws cares about the service they provide. We had Brianna in Printers Row and Megan in Roscoe Village. They both loved our dog and he loved them! I would 100% recommend hiring Majestic Paws.”

Jennifer F. on Yelp

“I love Majestic Paws!!! I wish I could give them 10 stars. We have been using their dog walking service for about three months now and have been so impressed with everyone on their team.  We have had Rob and Nick walk our rescue puppy- both are AMAZING. They send an email update after every walk (with a summary and photos), which has become the highlight of our day. I would highly recommend their services!”

Cassie B. on Yelp
  •   I have using their dog walking services for 2 months now and it has been a great experience. Owen is very responsive they have fantastic customer service skills and my dogs are happy with their walkers. I would recommend them to anyone

    thumb Gabi O.
  •   One of a kind dog walking service! I've dealt with a few others in the City but no one compares. Nancy treats my babies with so much care and affection I could never go with anyone else. Give her a try you won't be disappointed.

    thumb Maria L.
  •   My wife and I were clients of Urban Tails, which Majestic Paws recently acquired.  We couldn't be happier with the level of service we are provided by Nancy and her staff.  They are always extremely accommodating in any change requests and are quick to return all phone calls.  The new e-mail service letting us know when the started and finished the walk is great.  My wife and I recently moved and unfortunately had to move to another service as we've moved out of their service area, but I'd highly recommend Majestic Paws if you're looking for a new dog walking/pet care service.

    thumb Nate P.
  •   I've never had such an amazing experience with a company before! Nancy is amazing and so accommodating. My fiancé and I were struggling to find a reputable and reliable dog walking company and had seen Majestic Paws advertised at Charlie's, our pup, daycare. We did some research and were awed by the great reviews on Yelp. After a few emails and a phone call, Nancy came over to our condo and met Charlie. Unfortunately I couldn't be home at the time of the meet and greet but my fiancé couldn't stop praising Nancy. He said, "I can tell Nancy is a true dog lover". Charlie had an abusive dog walker in the past and it was important for us to find a good match. We're so excited to start dog walking services with them this week! I highly recommend this company for their great customer service and for the work they do.

    thumb Isa G.
  •   If I could give Majestic Paws 100 stars, I would! I was completely blown away by how wonderful my experience was. My boyfriend and I just moved to Chicago with our pup, Joey. We were worried because we were going on vacation, but didn't have a network of friends yet who could watch Joey. We wanted to ensure we found someone who would care for our pup and love him and make him feel comfortable. I found Majestic Paws on Yelp and they had wonderful reviews. I contacted a few other places as well, but Majestic Paws was fast to respond, very nice to talk to (a manager named Nick came over and did an interview with us), priced well, and overall it just felt right. We chose the overnight service (where someone stays in your apartment/house overnight to make your pup more comfortable) with 3 walks throughout the day. They hang a QR code on your refrigerator which connects to an app that you download. When they come to walk your pup and when they leave they scan the QR code, meaning, you can see the exact time they walked your pup and when they were in your apartment. In the app they also post pictures, a note about how the walk went, if they went 1 and 2, and you can see the GPS coordinates of where they walked. A girl named Leslie stayed with Joey, and she went way way waaaaay above and beyond any expectations we could have possibly had! She took such great care of Joey, and the updates after each walk along with the pictures made us feel so comfortable! Not only did she post pictures in the app, but she sent us additional pictures via email, and on Valentine's Day she even got little paper hearts and spread them out around Joey and sent us Valentine's Day pictures! I couldn't believe it. It was just so nice! We loved the updates while on vacation and couldn't wait for Joey's next walk so we could see what he was up to. I HIGHLY recommend Leslie and Majestic Paws. If you need someone to watch or walk your pup, they are the best of the best!

    thumb Haylie S.
  •   Thanks to Majestic Paw, my family had a wonderful vacation last two weeks when Nancy and her great people did an AMAZING job about taking care of our little kitty Luna!

    Here's the reason why my husband & I were so impressed:
    I got some voicemails when my family and our friends were in Yellowstone National Park. I didn't pay them much attention since scam bothers me all the time, and it's hard to play the message with that POOR signal...

    Well anyway.. when I finally got my phone right I heard Nancy and her friends CANNOT OPEN the apt's door for like 2 days! I was so worried at the moment and was checking my mailbox like a mad tapper... Then, I saw tons of Nancy's mails, with EVERY detail, about how the door locked them out, how they tried to reach the apt manager, how happy Luna & Senior (our teeny blue fish with hardly-seen smiling face..) were when they finally step in the room... 

    Nancy, Jessica, Zak, Tyler, they wrote down note everyday they came in and I think that's kind of a gift (like Luna's diary) for us when we got home. Thank you guys, thank you Majestic Paw!!

    thumb Vivienne H.
  •   I am so happy I found Majestic Paws. I know my cat is in great hands with Celeste and Jonnae when I have to travel. Highly recommend.

    thumb Kacy C.
  •   I cannot say enough good things about this company and their employees! The owners are amazing. Owen is the one that usually communicates with me but they are wonderful people and they are GREAT at what they do! They are so communicative, they always show up within your requested time-frame, and our dogs LOVE them. Great people who do a great job, that you can trust to not only enter your home when you're gone, but to also take great care of your animals. I would give them 1,000 stars if I could. If you need a dog walker in the Chicago area, there is no doubt, Majestic Paws is who you want.

    thumb Mike R.
  •   After having really bad experiences with 2 different dog walking companies (6 minute walks when paying for 30, not friendly to my dog, stealing beer from my fridge, all caught on camera), this was an aspect of my life adding a lot of unnecessary stress. I am extremely happy to have found Majestic Paws to not have to deal with that anymore.

    I met with the manager who was responsible, articulate and friendly when addressing my concerns. They have GPS, an app, and check-in check-out that ensures I am getting what I paid for. The billing is very straight forward. Their policies are flexible and accommodating. My walker, Julie, is easy to communicate with, on-time, and responsive when I have special requests.

    I'm just hoping they cover my new neighborhood when I move.

    thumb Evan A.
  •   What can I say - this place is great!! We adopted a very, very feisty kitty about 9 months ago and Majestic Paws (formerly Urban Tails) watched above-mentioned feisty kitty several times while we were out of town. Kitty wasn't particularly nice to anyone who came into our house, so these lovely folks braved his attitude problems and kept us updated on how things were going. We came back to detailed notes about each visit each time we were away, and they always returned my phone calls and emails promptly. Thanks, guys! You made leaving kitty at home much less nerve-wracking!

    thumb Adrienne R.
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