Dog-Walking Information for New Majestic Paws Clients

After you book your meet-and-greet, your Majestic Paws experience will begin. During that meet-and-greet, we will go over policies and procedures with you. But until then, here’s what you can expect during that very first appointment.

What to Expect During Your Meet-and-Greet

After you click on Book Now anywhere on the site, you will be taken to a calendar where you can choose a date and time for a Majestic Paws representative to come out to meet you and your pet.

We’ll Match Your Pet with a Dog Walker

We will take careful notes regarding your pet’s special needs and instructions so we can assign a walker who’s a great fit for you and your dog or cat.

We’ll Meet You and Your Pet at Your Home

Your dog’s walker or a manager will come out to meet you and your pet in your home. We will gather all necessary information about your pet and learn about their routine care.

We’ll Supply You with Pertinent Information

You will receive a packet that shows proof of Insurance and bonding, a reference list, and other special documents about our company.

We’ll Get Keys or Make Arrangements for Access

You will provide us with two sets of keys during your meet-and-greet. This will help to prevent lockouts while you are away. If you have a lockbox (or a doorman for your building) we do not need to collect keys from you.

We’ll Then Complete Your Registration

We will help you set up a profile in our portal that the walkers will have access to, and we’ll collect your credit or debit card information in order to set up automatic billing.

How Dog Walking Works—

Easy as 1, 2, 3

You’re already a busy pet owner, so the process of having your dog walked shouldn’t be complicated.

Book a Meet-And-Greet directly on our calendar. This will include a 25-minute
get-to-know-your-pet session and walk.

Provide a key, electronic access, get a lockbox from us…whatever is most convenient for you. Or introduce us to your doorman.

Download and book services through the app for start/end notifications, GPS maps of walks, and notes from your dog walker.

Majestic Paws Provides Easy Set-Up for New Clients

Whether you’re getting ready to move to the Chicago area, you’re looking for a new dog-walking service, or you’re considering dog walking for the first time, you can rest assured that becoming a Majestic Paws client is fast and easy.

We invite you to browse our policies and procedures, read our frequently asked questions, find out if you’re in our service area…and of course, contact us if you still have questions. Otherwise, let’s book that meet-and-greet!

husky sitting with paws out

Give Your Pet a Majestic Experience

Just because you can't be at home doesn't mean your pet can't feel loved and pampered with treatment fit for a prince or princess. Your dog's walker or cat's sitter will become one of your pet's most trusted friends—someone who can be counted on to arrive on time, ready to play and deliver the royal treatment. Doesn't your dog or cat deserve the best? Now is the time to schedule your pet's first majestic experience.

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