How to Hire a Dog Walking Company in Chicago

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What to search for first, how to decide on a company, what expectations to have

Have you ever wanted to create a customized walk for your dog? Do you want your dog to be walked on a specific route? Do you want to know where your dog is at all times, while they are out on the walk? Do you find yourself wondering if your dog walker is giving you dog the exercise and stimulation they need?  Do you feel your dog could have had an intense and stimulating workout while walking? 

Living in a big city like Chicago, you may have lots of different dog walking companies to choose from, but how do you know you are getting the best possible service you can be? 

Most companies simply show up to you house, leash the dog up, leave for the walk and bring them back when they are done. Do you find yourself wanting to know more specific details about what happened during the walk? Not many dog walking companies do much more than just walking your dog. 

You can tell a lot about a company from how long they have been in business, as well as how much they have grown over the years since they were founded. Successful businesses thrive on growth and love enlarging their service area. If you move across the city, is your West Loop Dog Walker going to make the trip to your new location in Roscoe Village? Maybe they won’t be able to travel and you will end up having to start all over with a new search for a dog walking company in your new neighborhood. 

It is a very important that your dog walking company can find you a walker in all different areas of the city. If the walker changes that’s one thing, but do you want to start your search for a whole new company after a move?

You want the dog walking company to serve as a Cat sitting Company as well. Wouldn’t you also like your dog walking company to have pet sitting services as well? Yes, I’m sure you can have a great dog walking company, but when the time comes to take your yearly trip, who is going to be caring for your precious pets? It is better to have a dog walking company that can service all your needs instead of having to find someone on a large, commercial service app to care for your dog in situations like that. Most dogs become attached to their caregiver and it helps to keep who’s caring for your dog the same, wether that’s a dog walk, potty break or a weekend overnight sitting service. 

When looking for a dog walking company, keep in mind that you most likely will need more than your daily or weekly dog walk. It’s beneficial to find a company that can service your pet in multiple areas to avoid having many companies to work with as well as different people servicing you in your home. Especially if you are receiving services when you are out of the home. 

These day’s we like to solve one problem at a times as things in life are being throw our way. We should start working smarter, not harder and making our lives easier instead of waiting till the last minute when issues arise. Most successful dog daycare/boarding facilities that offer boarding have a wait list to become a client and for your dog to become a part of the pack. Waiting till the last minute for important services such as boarding your beloved dog should never be something done at the last minute. Some dogs do not like new environments while others thrive in them, but most dogs do need to acclimate to a new environment to be successful with the new pack as well as being comfortable while you are away. 

When looking for a dog walking company, keep these few things in mind. You want a company that can walk your dog when you need your dog to be walked. You want a company that is loving and caring for your pet. You want someone that you can trust. It’s better to find a company that can service you in many different ways instead of just one. 

Another important thing I believe all pet owners care about is making sure that the dog walkers are paying attention to their dog while out on the walk. More times than not, puppies and young adult dogs have issues with eating things off the street. If you live in a big city I’m sure that is something that you watch out for when you are on your walk and would like your dog walker to look out for as well. 

**With Majestic Paws’ service area so large and growing it is easier to make sure you have a walker in several different locations around the city of Chicago. If you move too far for your pervious walker to travel, Majestic Paws can find you a new walker in the new servicing neighborhood. It may not be the same walker, however at least you know you are still in good hands with a great, caring and thriving company. We arrange for you to meet you new walker before your first service in your new home.**