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Questions about Majestic Paws?

Do you walk my dog with other neighborhood dogs (pack walks)?

No, we only do one household at a time. Majestic Paws believes in providing individual care to our clients, so we can provide the best care possible to your pets.

Will I always have the same walker?

We try to keep our walkers as consistent as possible, however turnover, changing routes, and other circumstances can lead to us changing your assigned walker. Each walker is background checked and trained by one of our managers, and we can arrange a meeting with the new walker before they start at the owners request.

Does my sitter come at the same time every day?

We offer a 2 hour window for each visit except our standard mid-day timeframe which is 11-2, so you can expect Majestic Paws to arrive within your assigned window. (Exception applies to extreme weather conditions) For puppies under 6 months and special needs dogs, we can offer special time window options.

What happens if my regular walker is sick and can’t make it to the visit with my pet?

Majestic Paws has highly specialized and trained managers that fill in for walkers when they are not able to make it to your visit. All of our managers are Accredited Pets Sitters and are trained in Pet First Aid and CPR. So when your regular walker can’t make it, rest assured that you will be in good hands!

My pet has been sick and I am worried. Can I call to see how they are doing?

Absolutely! You may call at any time to receive updates about your pet. If you like, we can even have your pet sitter call you after the visit to give you an update on your pet’s condition.

Can I meet my dog’s walker before they go on their first walk?

Of course! One of our managers will do the initial consultation, but we can arrange a meeting with the walker either before or shortly after the start of service.

I have a new puppy, what kind of special care do you offer?

We love puppies! We understand that puppies have special needs. We are happy to accommodate whatever you need us to do for your puppy during their visit.

Do you charge extra for feeding, brushing or giving medications to my pet?

Absolutely not! Whatever you would like us to do for your pet at their visit is included in the price of the visit.