Cleaning Tips for Pet Parents

Calico cat face tongue funny humor on carpet inside indoor house home with hairball vomit stain and woman owner cleaning rubbing paper towel on floor

Anyone who has a pet in the home knows that they bring endless joy and happiness to our lives. From puppy cuddles in the morning or sweet purrs from your kitty in the evening, pets are sweet as can be.

This is why we need to make sure that we aren’t harming them when we use harsh chemical cleaners around the house. The ASPCA actually reports that household cleaners are one of the top pet poisons!

Luckily, there are several pet-safe, natural cleaning concoctions you can make. You can likely use what you already have lying around the house! With pet-safe ingredients like vinegar and tea tree oil, you can ensure your house gets clean and your pets stay healthy.

This infographic from Simply Self Storage details some of the more popular and effective pet safe recipes. It takes into consideration common messes pets make and shows you how to deal with spills and accidents, bath time, and every day cleanups. You can check it out below!

cleaning Infographic