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Purrrrfect Reasons To Bring Cats Home

Have you seen the trending video of a cat stealing the show on a fashion runway Turkey? Boy! That was really a head turner and a delightful scene. The models continued their walk, while the cat didn't care what was going on. At some point during the event, it tried to disrupt the strutting models, but it didn't work. The ladies had good reflexes and tried not to disturb the cat.


But it wasn't a major commotion, and nobody tried to get the cat off the stage. Apparently, it had its own spotlight and even got the chance to do its "cat-walk" (with finesse) as it exited the stage. What a way to become famous, right?


Perhaps, cat lovers around the world are happy and giddy to see the stray cat, suddenly turning into a fashion meow-del. They would have loved to adopt and take that feline furball home.


But cats don't have to become a show stealer or a social media sensation to be a part of your lives. They naturally have this diva-like personality that makes them gorgeous creatures, and that’s one of the purrrrfect reasons to bring kitties home. And if that’s not enough, check out this creative, well-detailed infographic of why cats make wonderful animal companions.

[Infographic] 40 Reasons to Own Cats.png