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Pug or Partner?

For long we have been hearing that Dog is man’s best friend. But for many, a dog is no less kin. All varieties of dogs are adorable, and their unconditional love is endearing. Few grow to be naughty, few are quiet listeners, and few are subtly mature, but all love their owners equally.

Of all the canines, Pugs are the darling, for their cute wrinkly face and small stature. At times they appear worrying species for their creased face, but they are the unmatched attention seeker rascals.

Pugs are the most cheerful and affable breed hence are kept and owned since olden times. Chinese history has references to Pugs been raised by Royal families of China as companions and were given the royal status.

We, humans, love camaraderie and bonding throughout our lives but it is not always comfortable and convenient to have a live-in human partner due to emotional and financial concerns. Yes, some of us do get in such grueling time in our life. At this point, our four-legged wrinkled buddy can be a thorough source of happiness and fantastic pal for life. Pugs are the safest to be around, even with kids and since they adore humans, you will never miss your family if you are staying alone and away from home.

This Infographic gives you a peek into perks of having a Pug than a human company to help you settle on whether you want a Pug or a partner in life.