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Lola - Pet of The Month January 2017

Lola is a total diva and a feisty one at that.   In her time with Majestic Paws this little queen has had both male and female walkers and always makes the men work harder to win her affection.  Once she warms up though she turns into a total sweetie, and one of our walkers favorites. Lola knows what she wants and exactly how to get it.  Some days a long stroll around the neighborhood is on the menu and other days its a shorter walk with some playtime and pets at the end, but whatever she is in the mood for she makes sure to let the walkers know and oblige.  Lola is one of our most photogenic dogs and always puts her best face forward when the camera comes out.  For all these reasons and more, Lola is Majestic Paws first pet of the month for 2017!