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Animal “Tails”


The relationship between people and pets has inspired many a great read – most animal stories are heart-warming (Kujo being an exception!), many are inspiring, several tickle our funny bone, and some are poignant – the main point being:  we love to read about animals.

Many children’s stories revolve around a special bond with a pet – have you read Spot lately? Or Clifford The Big Red Dog? Henry and Mudge? The Poky Little Puppy? Young children love these books, and it’s easy to see why – simple themes of acceptance, friendship and over-coming difficulties – topics that are just as near & dear to our hearts as adults.

Language-loving Dr. Seuss gave us The Cat in the Hat. And of course there is The Shy Little Kitten and that ever-so chill, Pete the Cat – a children’s version of “don’t sweat the small stuff”.

Not only are these stories great for kids, they are a fun read for adults, and there is no better way to develop a life-long love of reading than reading to, or with, the children in your life.  But kids also love their electronics, and many stories have online versions and websites and you-tube readings available to keep kids amused & absorbed.

Of course, there is nothing better than snuggling with someone special at the end of the day and being lulled into a story.  Kids find it very satisfying to be able to turn pages and repeat (or hear you repeat) the phrases of a favorite story over (and over and over) again as they drift off to sleep.  

Whether reading an actual page-turning book, or listening to a story online, or checking out web-versions - to quote Pete the Cat: “it’s all good”!