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Fall & Food - Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner – a time for reflection, giving thanks and of course, traditions such as football, friends, family and lots & lots of food (let’s not even think about the fantastic shopping!)

For many people, our furry fuzzballs are part of the family (a 2012 American Veterinary Medical Association study showed 63.2 % of US pet owners consider their pets as family members as opposed to the 35.8% who consider them as pets or companions) – no matter what the title, we like to treat our furries well at holiday time.

Food is a big part of the holiday tradition and there are a few things to keep in mind since our “family furries” love to be around those fabulous smells (and yes, they are often right under foot or hanging around wherever there might be a chance to sneak some treats, so watch out when handling hot items).

Sometimes it’s hard to ignore that look – we all know that look – when our furrie asks us, ever so adoringly and adorably, if we would possibly share that ever so delicious morsel! Many people foods cause problems for animals – reactions can range from life threatening to upset tummy (& beyond – you know….we’ve all cleaned up after our pets). There are numerous lists online that outline foods hazardous to pets – when in doubt – check. 

Because people food isn’t good for our pets, keep it out of “sneaking range” – this might be hard with kitties, since a higher surface can be seen as a challenge – keep an eye on counters, kitchen or dining room tables, coffee & side tables and anywhere else you might put food out for your people. Be aware that our pets may want to treat themselves to some of that delicious holiday abundance!

Holiday time is fun, but can be stressful for both people & pets – remember that even “good” stress needs relief.  Try and make time to lavish some extra attention during holidays – cuddle & play time for the kitties, an extra walk or two for the pooches. A walk outside in the fall leaves is good for us, too!

We are so fortunate (furtunate??) to have those four-legged furries in our lives – this Thanksgiving, let’s give thanks for family, friends and fuzzie

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