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** Please note that if a holiday falls on a weekend, both the actual holiday and the observed holiday (either the Friday before or Monday after) will be charged at holiday rate

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Majestic Paws Dog Walks

Does your pooch get lonely while you are away at work all day? Let us come to the rescue! We offer 25 and 50 minute walks, and we only service one household at a time so your pet will get the extra special care that he/she deserves. We can take your dog for a romp in a local park to enjoy their favorite sniffing spots or we can just take them for a stroll around their favorite neighborhood hangouts. We offer specialized puppy care and we can adjust to your puppy's changing needs as he/she grows. We also can reinforce training techniques, administer medications, give food and water, and we always pick up after your pet inside or out. It's the next best thing to being there yourself!

Majestic Paws Cat Visits

Going out of town and your kitty needs some love while you're gone? We offer 25 minute visits and we come each morning before noon. Is your kitty extra social? We can offer 50 minute visits or come 2 times per day. At each visit, we can feed and give fresh water to your cat; clean and change their litter box; and administer medications. During our play dates, your cat will not only get to share a favorite toy, but they also get plenty of cuddle time. If your kitty prefers to play hide and seek, we are more than happy to spend our time retrieving your mail and newspapers, adjusting the lights in your home, and/or watering your plants or garden. Detailed comment sheets are left daily so you have plenty of fun reading material to come home to!

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