22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier

Woman and dog running on country road

Dogs are probably one of the best creatures on the planet. They give so much to their owners without expecting much in return. They are eternally grateful for being given a home, food, and water. If you befriend a dog once, he will become your pet for life.

There are countless stories about loyal dogs who laid their lives for their masters. There’s the famous Hachiko from Japan, who was so well-loved the Japanese people decided to honor him with his own statue. Such is the love of a dog for his master and his family.

People who decide to keep dogs don’t realize how beneficial it is for them to have dogs as pets. We’re not talking about simply having a dog to guard the home or look after life and property. Unknown to many, dogs offer great health benefits to their human masters.

Exercise is one of the primary benefits of owning a dog. Owners are obliged to keep up with their active fur babies. They need to be walked every day. Some owners even jog with their dogs every morning or afternoon. Additionally, since dogs are particularly playful, their owners need to play with them – catch, throw Frisbees, swim and so on.

Then there’s also the emotional benefits of owning dogs. They are very perceptive creatures and can immediately sense if their masters are sad or stressed. During these times, they will offer a hug, or let their owners hold them for emotional support. It’s a unique bond that transcends language.

Our lovely infographic shows the different ways dogs make their human owners healthier. Reading this will make you appreciate your four-legged friends even more.