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Majestic Paws is a family run business owned and operated by Nancy & Owen.  Nancy is the founder of Majestic Paws, and she started the company in 2008 while still in college. Having grown up around all kinds of animals, she always knew that she wanted a career in animal care, so owning Majestic Paws really is her dream come true. With experience walking dogs for other companies and with years of experience running her own dog walking company, Nancy is in charge of the day-to-day operations for Majestic Paws along with managing and maintaining client relationships.

Owen joined Majestic Paws full-time in 2015 as the business was growing to be more than one person could manage. With a bachelor’s degree in accounting, an MBA in operations management and years of high level industry experience, Owen helps with the day-to-day operations while also being in charge of all financial and administrative work.

Nancy and Owen have a daughter named Savannah, a son named Julian, a giant schnauzer named Diamond, and a golden retriever named Jasper.  When they are not working on Majestic Paws or taking their own dogs to the park, they stay busy by playing sports (mainly basketball and tennis), and spending family time with Savannah and Julian around the city.


The Majestic Paws Team



Nick, the Field Manager for Majestic Paws, has been with the company since 2013. Nick knows all of the company’s routes, and is in charge of training new walkers, filling in when walkers are out, and also handling some of the new client meet-and-greets. A self-taught musician who has been playing for 20 years, his love of nature is only exceeded by his love of the creatures in it.  Nick currently plays in the band Brontosaurus, who just had a WBEZ interview and performance at their Navy Pier studio.




Andrew is from Chicago but has lived in various cities across the country while pursuing his passion for music before settling back in Chicago in 2016. Having been an animal lover his whole life, Andrew loves having the opportunity to work with pets every day with Majestic Paws, and the freedom that the job allows him to also continue his musical career. Andrew currently plays the French Horn for an orchestra in Chicago and is following other opportunities for his music career as they arise.




Adam was born and raised in Champagne, Illinois, and moved to Chicago to attend Northwestern where he got his degree in Philosophy.  Growing up Adam had many dogs and cats, and always likes to surround himself with animals.  He currently lives with his orange tabby cat named Tommy.  When he isn't walking dogs, Adam likes to spend his time cooking, and playing his bass guitar

DSC_0720 (1).JPG


Jack is a Minnesota native who loves animals and the outdoors, and is one of the Wicker Park dog walkers at Majestic Paws. He has been living in Chicago for the past two years as a working artist and graphic designer. He loves being able to spend time with your pet during the day!  



Megan grew up in Kankakee County before moving to Chicago in 2017 where she lives with her dog Red.  Currently Megan is one of Majestic Paws Uptown dog walkers.  Megan loves animals, especially dogs, and loves being outdoors, so working with Majestic Paws is the perfect job for her and something she is passionate about.  When she's not walking dogs, Megan likes to stay active biking, and also playing in a recreational soccer league.



Brianna was born and raised in Naperville, and is one of the South Loop dog walkers for Majestic Paws. She plans on being in Chicago for the next 5 years. Brianna is looking to go back to school to pursue a degree in animal science. In the future, she plans to move to Iceland  to be a goat farmer.  She has been in the pet industry  for about 5 years and has owned dogs her entire life. Brianna looks forward to meeting and caring for your pet!


Erik was born and raised in Chicago, and has been around animals all his life.  Currently Erik is one of Majestic Paws Lincoln Park dog walkers.  His weakness is for dogs, but has a love for all animals. His friends and family jokingly call him the "dog whisperer", as most dogs are drawn to him and listen when he speaks. He is a graduate from Columbia College Chicago and has owned/operated several businesses in both the marketing and the music industries, which is where his passions lie outside of animals. 



Celeste is a Chicagoan, pet parent, true animal lover, and is currently one of Majestic Paws South Loop dog walkers. She has a passion for animals, and looks forward to each day of work. When asked what she liked most about working for Majestic Paws, her answer was that she can't believe she gets paid to give love and take care of adorable “fur kids”. 


Lauren was born and raised in Chicago, and is currently one of Majestic Paws Loop dog walkers. She has had dogs growing up her entire life. Lauren went to Columbia College and studied Journalism and Literature. She has 2 cats named Corn Dog and Vada. In her free time she enjoys writing and collecting art. At the moment Lauren is training to become a police officer. 



Spencer was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and moved to Chicago in 2008, which he proudly calls home.  Currently Spencer is one of Majestic Paws Lakeview dog walkers. Spencer has been around dogs and various other animals all his life, and he has taken his lifelong passion for pets with him wherever he goes. When Spencer isn't walking his cute canines, you can find him playing with one of his bands or he might just pop up anywhere in town while exploring the city.



Flannery moved from Texas to Chicago in 2018 to pursue a change in a different city. She grew up in Austin Texas and has had pets her entire life. She grew up with a golden retriever, an iguana, and gerbils, and she currently has two rescue cats Francis and Dennis that she bottle fed from infancy. Flannery used to be a teacher but has a passion for pets and wanted to get into pet care, so working with Majestic Paws is the perfect outlet for her. When she isn’t working, Flannery is an avid reader, and enjoys crosswords, movies, improv, and biking.



Ray was born in Las Vegas but moved to Chicago at a young age and has lived here for most of his life. He has always been an animal lover and currently owns a cat and 2 turtles. Ray has always enjoyed being outdoors so dog walking is the perfect fit for him to be around animals and outdoors all day. When he isn’t working, Ray enjoys music, reading, and video games.



Howard was born and raised in Chicago and has lived in the city his entire life. He grew up with a pitbull named Max, and currently lives with a cat named Gizmo. Howard currently attends Columbia College as a senior where he is studying graphic design. When he is not working, Howard is a big sports fan and enjoys playing basketball and working out 



Bill was born and raised in the Chicagoland area and has lived here his entire life. While he doesn’t have any pets at the moment, Bill has always been a huge dog lover, so working with Majestic Paws is great to allow him to interact with dogs on a daily basis. When he isn’t working, Bill is an avid biker and loves to go for rides along the lake. He is also a music lover and is a member in a band



Sergio is originally from Texas and now calls Chicago his home. He currently takes night classes at DePaul where he studies psychology. Sergio has been a dog lover his entire life, and currently lives at home with his German Shepherd. Prior to joining Majestic Paws, Sergio already had experience dog walking and working in doggy daycares. When he isn’t working, Sergio is a big “foodie” and enjoys trying the different restaurants around Chicago.



Matthew was born and raised in Milwaukee where he studied Theater. In the fall of 2017 he moved to the Chicago to pursue his passions of film and comedy. Currently Matthew is one of Majestic Paws Logan Square dog walkers. When he is not out making people laugh you can find him dog walking. Matthew has a cockatoo named Ruffy who he loves dearly. Matthew enjoys playing sports, playing music and hopes to one one day have a sailboat. 



Max is a Chicago native, dog lover, and one of Majestic Paws North Center walkers. Max is a huge dog lover and has been around dogs his entire life. He currently lives with his girlfriend and her dog which he helps care for. When he isn’t working at Majestic Paws, Max is a music lover and part-time DJ. He is also a big sports fan



Reagan is a Chicago native and one of Majestic Paws Wicker Park dog walkers.  She has a love for all animals and had birds and fish growing up, but has never been able to have a dog of her own because of apartment restrictions, so working for Majestic Paws helps fill that void.  Before joining Majestic Paws, Reagan previously worked as a dog walker for over a year and couldn't imagine a better job.  She also has experience volunteering for Paws Chicago.  When she is not walking dogs, Reagan likes to stay outdoors as much as possible by biking, swimming, hiking, and going to the beach.                                                                                     



Raeza was born and raised in Texas, and moved to Chicago at the beginning of 2018 to try something new.  While she isn't a big fan of the cold winters, she has fallen in love with the city in her time here.  She's always been a pet lover, and grew up with cats and dogs.  She is now living with a Shih Tzu, 2 guinea pigs, and a chinchilla.  When she isn't working, Raeza likes taking in the latest films, and reading a good book.



DSC_0436 (1).JPG


Julie was born and raised in the Chicagoland area and has been an animal lover all her life.  Julie loves dogs and cats, but doesn't limit herself to the traditional animals. She has had everything from guinea pigs to lizards, and currently has a pet hermit crab.  When she isn't working with animals, Julie loves to draw, and is currently working with her friend to design a kids game



emily C.

Emily is a Chicago native and a huge dog lover. She doesn’t currently have any pets but grew up with family pets her entire life, so working with Majestic Paws gives her a great opportunity to hang out with dogs during the day. When she isn’t working, Emily is a figure skater and helps coach figure skating to younger kids. She is also a huge hockey fan



Danny was born and raised in the North suburbs of Chicago and has been in or around Chicago his entire life. Growing up Danny had 3 dogs and 2 cats, including a Golden Retriever and a Sheltie. Being a dog lover and an outdoor enthusiast makes Danny a great match for a dog walking job. When he’s not working, Danny also likes painting, skateboarding, and yoga.



Jon'nae was born and raised in Chicago, and is currently one of Majestic Paws South Loop dog walkers. Jon'nae has been in the pet care industry since 2016 and loves everything about it. Jon'nae has a soft spot for big fluffy dogs; she absolutely loves St. Bernards. When she is not working with dogs and cats she enjoys dancing to hip hop and modern music. In the future she wishes to live in a house with six dogs! 


emily H.

Emily was born and raised in Chicago and is a true city girl. Emily currently lives with her Pitbull named Bobby, and also grew up with a Shih Tzu and a Shepherd. When she isn’t working Emily likes to stay active and loves biking around the city. She also has a side business doing lash extensions

LESLIE  Leslie was born and raised in Chicago. He loves riding his bike around the city. When he is not spending time with animals he enjoys working on guitars and enjoys wood working. Leslie is currently in school and is pursuing a degree in Business.


Leslie was born and raised in Chicago, and is currently one of Majestic Paws Lincoln Park dog walkers. He loves riding his bike around the city. When he is not spending time with animals he enjoys working on guitars and enjoys wood working. Leslie is currently in school and is pursuing a degree in Business. 

Jaye  Jaye was born and raised in the Twin Cities. Jaye moved to Chicago to attend Columbia College where she majors in Creative Writing. Jaye's goal is to become a published poet one day. In Jaye's free time she enjoys practicing ballet, traveling, cooking, writing and visiting the Art Institute of Chicago.


Luke grew up in the Chicago suburbs and now lives in the city. He is currently enrolled in the Masters program at Loyola university where is is studying Chemistry and Environmental Science. Luke is one of the fill-in walkers for Majestic Paws, which is perfect for him as it allows him to meet lots of cool dogs and have a flexible schedule while he goes to school. When he isn’t working or studying, Luke is a music lover and actually DJ’s on one of Loyola’s radio stations.




Johncarlo was born and raised in Chicago and is a dog lover at heart. He had several dogs growing up, and currently lives with his 6 year old husky Hiro. Johncarlo is an aspiring comedian and is currently taking improv classes at Second City and IO. When he isn’t walking dogs and working, Johncarlo likes movies, reading, and writing

Our Team