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Majestic Paws is a family run business owned and operated by Nancy & Owen.  Nancy is the founder of Majestic Paws having started the company in 2008 while still in college. Having grown up around all kinds of animals, she always knew that she wanted a career in animal care, so owning Majestic Paws really is her dream come true. With experience walking dogs for other companies and with years of experience running her own dog walking company, Nancy is in charge of the day-to-day operations for Majestic Paws along with managing and maintaining all client relationships.

Owen joined Majestic Paws in 2015 when they took over the operations of Chicago Urban Tails. With a bachelor’s degree in accounting, an MBA in operations management and years of high level industry experience, Owen helps with the day-to-day operations while also being in charge of all financial and administrative work.

Nancy and Owen have a 3 year old daughter Savannah, a newborn baby boy Julian, a 11 year old giant schnauzer named Diamond, and a 6 year old golden retriever named Jasper.  When they are not working on Majestic Paws or taking their own dogs to the park, they stay busy by playing sports (mainly basketball and tennis), and spending family time with Savannah and Julian around the city.


The Majestic Paws Team



Nick, the Field Manager for Majestic Paws, has been with the company since 2013. Nick knows all of the company’s routes, and is in charge of training new walkers, filling in when walkers are out, and also handling some of the new client meet-and-greets. A self-taught musician who has been playing for 20 years, his love of nature is only exceeded by his love of the creatures in it.  Nick currently plays in the band Brontosaurus, who just had a WBEZ interview and performance at their Navy Pier studio.



Spencer was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and moved to Chicago in 2008, which he proudly calls home. Spencer has been around dogs and various other animals all his life. and he has taken his lifelong passion for pets with him wherever he goes. When Spencer isn't walking his cute canines, you can find him playing with one of his bands or he might just pop up anywhere in town while exploring the city.




Lewis was born and raised in Pilsen and still lives there to this day.  He's been a pet lover his whole life but doesn't have one at the moment due to lease restrictions, so working for Majestic Paws allows him the animal interaction that he loves.  Growing up his family owned a Pitbill, a Golden Retriever, and a Pitbull.  When he's not walking dogs, Lewis enjoys making music and collecting records and books.



Brody moved to Chicago from Florida in 2016 to go to grad school at DePaul.  He is dual majoring in Economics and Political Science and wants to work in government once he graduates. Brody loves working in the outdoors and grew up with 5 dogs, so working with Majestic Paws is a perfect fit for him.  When he's not working and studying, Brody loves to follow and play pretty much any sport.


Lisa grew up in Northwest Illinois before moving to the city as an adult.  Growing up Lisa had multiple dogs and a guinea pig, and she has been an animal lover her whole life. When she's not working as a dog walker, Lisa is a freelance communications consultant, devoted yoga-class attendee, and certified coffee lover!


Michael moved to Chicago after finishing his degree at Ohio University and has lived here ever since.  During college he was a conference champion wrestler and has been involved with the sport ever since; he currently coaches and is also working on a line of wrestling gear for women.  Michael is also passionate about arts and writing, and is working on several projects in these fields during his spare time.  He grew up with a black lab named Phazer and currently has a rescue cat at home, so working with Majestic Paws is a great opportunity for him to pursue his love of animals.


Erik was born and raised in Chicago, and has been around animals all his life. His weakness is for dogs, but has a love for all animals. His friends and family jokingly call him the "dog whisperer", as most dogs are drawn to him and listen when he speaks. He is a graduate from Columbia College Chicago and has owned/operated several businesses in both the marketing and the music industries, which is where his passions lie outside of animals. 



Celeste is a Chicagoan, pet parent, and true animal lover. She has a passion for animals, and looks forward to each day of work. When asked what she liked most about working for Majestic Paws, her answer was that she can't believe she gets paid to give love and take care of adorable “fur kids”. .


Gabe is a proud Chicagoan, actor and aspiring filmmaker. He has a strong appreciation and respect for animals and has cared for pets ranging from iguanas to chinchillas. His hobbies include organic gardening, skateboarding and performing on stage. He feels very fortunate to be walking so many special pups. 


Andrew is from Chicago but has lived in various cities across the country while pursuing his passion for music before settling back in Chicago in 2016.  Having been an animal lover his whole life, Andrew loves having the opportunity to work with pets every day with Majestic Paws, and the freedom that the job allows him to also continue his musical career.  Andrew currently plays the French Horn for an orchestra in Chicago and is following other opportunities for his music career as they arise.


Roberto was born and raised in Chicago and has lived all over the city.  His two biggest passion is art and animals, so working with Majestic Paws is perfect for him as it allows him to work with animals on a daily basis while giving him time to pursue his passion in art.  When he's not walking dogs, Roberto is busy helping a start-up art company that specializes in modern murals.



Nick grew up in Illinois and moved to Chicago 7 years ago. Two of his biggest passions are dogs and music. When he is not walking pups he is busy practicing in a new funk-rock band where he does originals and covers. In addition to that he teaches guitar on the side. 


Lorenzo was born and raised in Chicago. He has a Pit Bull named Tank. He has been walking dogs for neighbors over the last year and absolutely loves it; he would like to pursue a career in pet care. In addition to that, he loves cooking and makes all kind of delicious dips. 




Adriana was born in Mexico and moved to Chicago in 2016 with her husband. Adriana love pets, she grew up surrounded by dogs and cats; currently her best friend is Roni, a little fluffy Pomeranian who has been with her for two years. Adriana enjoys playing ball with him and teaching him new tricks. In addition to that, she enjoysphotography, cooking, swimming and tap dancing.





Ashley was born and raised in Nebraska and moved to Chicago in 2016 to try something new.  She has always loved the outdoors, and as an animal lover walking dogs is the perfect job for her.  Other than interacting with animals on a daily basis, her favorite part of the job is being able to explore the city while she works.  When she's not working, Ashley loves travelling to as many different places as possible!

Doris 2.JPG


Doris has been working with  various breeds and temperaments of dogs since 2013. She is an avid, is a seasoned cyclist, is familiar with working in all types of weather, and is comfortable doing so. In additon to that, she has been a certified pet groomer since 2012. 



Rebecca was born and raised in Chicago and has a dog named Emma that her family rescued.  She recently also got a yorkie-poo puppy of her own that she loves dearly.  When she's not walking dogs, Rebecca takes classes at Loyola University and works part time at a beauty store.  Her hobbies include exploring the city, trying new foods, and she loves watching sports, especially baseball and hockey.


Aaron grew up in a house overrun by Terriers in Skokie, then explored around the Pacific Northwest after high school. After some West Coast adventures Aaron moved back to Chicago proper to be closer to his family.  Aaron loves to spend his daytime with animals, and night time writing and performing comedy around the city.  It's quite possible he's forcing someone to look at a picture of a dog or cat at this very moment.




Matt was born and raised in Rockford and has lived in Chicago since 2008. He is currently pursuing a career in photography and works as a fill-in walker when he's available.  Matt grew up around cats and dogs and currently has a cat named Oliver. In his spare time, Matt plays the drums for a couple bands, and enjoys movies and hiking.


Humberto was born in Mexico and moved to Chicago with his family in 2006.  Growing up he had all kinds of pets, from dogs and cats to birds and snakes, and animals have always been a big part of his life.  Currently he has two dogs, a Chihuahua named Samson and a Pitbull named Brownie.  In his spare time he likes to stay fit by going to the gym and biking around the city.  He also loves video games and hopes to one day join a team in the e-league.


Lorielle is a freelance photographer and painter who enjoys good blues and soul music. She loves all animals and has two cats of her own at home, a Maine Coon and a Tabby. When she's not enjoying the arts or walking dogs, Lorielle also enjoys the outdoors and gardening.                                                                                                         


Nadia was born and raised in Chicago, but after she graduated high school she moved around including stops in Portland and New Zealand before moving back to Chicago.  While she didn't have any pets growing up, she's worked around pets for years, from working in doggy daycares, to groomers, to pet stores.  She currently has a pet tarantula named Octavio.  When she isn't working with pets, Nadia loves going to show and biking around the city.


Rylee was born in Montana and came to Chicago to study creative writing in college.  He's been an animal lover his who life, and growing up in the country he had all types of animals, from cats and dogs to chickens and horses.  Currently Rylee has 2 cats at home.  When he isn't walking dogs, Rylee enjoys pursuing his passions for creative writing and comedy.  He also loves playing Frisbee Golf and skateboarding, and actually skateboards his route on nicer days.

Our Team