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Artemis and Lia - Pets of the Month July 2016


Lea and Artemis are two of the newer kitties at Majestic Paws but they have already made a strong impression on our sitters.  Lea is super friendly and playful, and seems to have an imaginary friend that she plays tag with as she will randomly dart across the unit at any moment.  She’s also a sucker for cuddles and makes sure she gets her share of hugs and pets at every appointment J

Artemis is just as playful as Lea.  His favorite game seems to be follow the leader and he normally stays glued to our sitter’s hip from the moment we arrive.  While Lea gets her fix of hugs and pets, Artemis is not to be left out and makes sure he gets his share of belly rubs.   Together, Lea and Artemis are this month’s Royal Couple of Majestic Paws!