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That’s Scary Stuff!

Yes, it’s time for “trick or treat”, and while your pet may perform some great tricks, and might love getting good treats, there are some important things to remember about Halloween.

Some pets enjoy the attention they get while in costume, others don’t like to participate – check your pet’s reaction to getting dressed up – if your pet acts uncomfortable, don’t force the issue.  Better a happy “bare” pet than a miserable “bear” pet ☺

If your pet is happy to indulge your need to dress up, watch out for any small objects or strings that could fall off the costume, or be chewed off, and ingested by your pet.

And speaking of ingesting, people treats are not for pets – chocolate & many types of candies are toxic to your pet. Contact your veterinarian if you suspect your pet has eaten something they shouldn’t have.

With door bells ringing, people hollering, and costumes rustling, your pet may feel some stress – better to have your pet in a closed room than have it dart out an open door, bark excessively, or knock someone or something over (uh oh, was there a candle in that pumpkin?).

Halloween should be a fun time – and it may be a celebration best left to the people in your life, not your pets. 

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