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How it all started

In 2008 while still in college, a combination of her love for animals and interest in business lead Nancy to open Majestic Paws. What started as a part-time job with only two clients quickly became her passion when she realized the tremendous impact the peace of mind she provided could have on her customer’s lives.  Her clients recognized the special care and attention that Nancy gave them and their pets, and soon her route had grown as big as she could handle on her own.

It's All About Our Clients

When you are passionate about your customers and want to provide them the best service possible, it’s not easy to find someone who you trust to perform to your own high standard. Over the next few years Majestic Paws grew steadily but slowly, routinely turning down new clients as Nancy learned how best to find walkers who shared her honesty, integrity, and love for animals. Though the business could have grown at a much faster pace, Nancy was determined that she would not accept a new client unless she was 100% certain she had a walker who would provide the same level of care for her clients that she would.

The Family Keeps on Growing

In early 2015, now married and with a daughter, Nancy was still walking dogs and operating Majestic Paws primarily in the South Loop when the opportunity arose to take over another dog walking company, Chicago Urban Tails, whose owners were moving out of state. After learning about the operations of the company, its reputation, and most of all after meeting the great staff they had working for them, Nancy and her husband Owen decided it was a great opportunity to expand the business.

Ever since, Majestic Paws has proudly been providing the same level of loving care that started in the South Loop to clients covering a large part of the Chicagoland area.

Our Story